FylgjaZoo Schildkröten
part of the FylgjurZoo series - SOLD -
Mixed media on canvas & wool
190 cm x 100 cm, Diptychon 90 cm x 100 & 100 cm x 100 cm
In the work series "FylgjurZoo" Jauss&Gauger interpret the photographs by Aleksy Aleksjew, drawn from his photographic series called "Zoo", taken at the "Tierpark Hellabrunn" in Munich, Germany. 
This art series explores the relationship of humans as spectators to animals as objects. The division between the two becomes visible in the photographs only as a reflexion or structure. Jauss & Gauger play with this idea and take it a step further, as they place a next layer on top of the painting in the form of an animal silhouette, enabling the viewer to complete the picture by themselves.
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